Step by Step


On Friday, team Tanzania continued to work at the three Irente centers. We had tea and mandazi at the “Bachelor’s House” thanks to the generosity and hospitality of Maria, Getrude, Jonas, and Susan (the “bachelors”)! Right before the group arrived for tea we found a guest in Rachel’s bed. There was a lizard in her bed netting and it was a group effort to get the lizard outside! Jonas was the key person in helping the lizard out. After tea the bachelors’ hosted a game of Spoons for the Irente group and the Lushoto group caught a ride back into Lushoto. Molly and Adrienne (now being referred to as “AJ”) walked around the Lushoto market before heading home. Christy and Rachel ended their night with a Tanzanian card game (similar to Uno).



Kristen, Michelle, Rachel and Christy went to Soni to see the waterfall. It was a long, hectic ride, but it was completely worth the travel. Molly and Adrienne went to see their host sister deep in the Usambara Mountains. There was a very crazy bus ride to the boarding school, but meeting Jaclyn was very special. Although Jaclyn was shy, she opened up very quickly and even shared her special treats that her parents brought for her. After the bus ride back to Lushoto everyone ran into each other at the Lushoto market! Molly and Adrienne merged with Jonas, Maria, Christy, Rachel, Ciarra, and Roni at the market. It was so nice to see everyone! Although, Molly and Adrienne were ready to relax with our Mama because she had been gone almost all week to tend to her ailing father. Christy and Rachel had a delicious American meal at Tumaini restaurant- it hit the spot!



Everyone went to church with their respective families. Molly and Adrienne had a different Sunday compared to the rest of the group. Rather than participating in the hike to incredibly high Irente View Point (you’re welcome, Mom!), Molly and Adrienne went to the Lushoto market after church to buy ingredients to prepare an American dinner for their family. We did our laundry and prepared our food for a couple hours and had a very special day with our family. Dinner consisted of mashed potatoes, spaghetti with a vegetable sauce, and garlic bread. Luckily, carbohydrate overloading is acceptable in Tanzania.

The rest of the group met in the early afternoon, after church, and hiked to Irente View Point. It was absolutely breathtaking! The View Point is more than a mile into the sky and overlooks the Masai Plains. On the hike up the group ran into a man who caught a chameleon and let everyone hold it. It even crawled in Rachel’s ear. She screamed, of course. When the group finally reached the top it was a perfect photo op. Except the boys and Christy tried to give everyone a heart attack by taking “jumping photos” right on the edge. This was especially difficult for Rachel since she considers herself the “mother of the group”.  After all of the photos everyone headed to a cave underneath the View Point. Some of the group even signed their names for future visitors. Christy put her email on the cave.



The groups worked at their respective centers and this was the last day of our second rotation. Christy made Chinese food for the Bachelors House – it was a big hit!



The individual groups moved onto their final rotation of the trip! The Lushoto group walked back to Lushoto after lunch and debriefing in order to exchange money. Tanzanian time, including business hours, has been a big adjustment for the group. After getting more Shillings the Lushoto group walked to the Lushoto Bakery for some delicious muffins and pound cake. Rachel made homemade ravioli for the Bachelors house- it was “delish”! Most excitingly, Kristen and Michelle’s baby sister, Sarah, finally arrived! The baby and mother were safe at home after the birth.



All of the groups continued their work in the centers. It was Michelle’s 19th birthday so everyone did their best to make it special for her. Team Simba’s gift was a hand-crafted card, courtesy of Samantha Cunningham, of Greg Brown riding a lion, in a loin cloth, with a panga in his hand. We had tea again at the Bachelors house and gifted Michelle with a more appropriate card, a kitenge and candy. Everyone enjoyed the tea and mandazi and jam…especially Matthew DeGulis. He was out of control with the plum jam. He is currently seeking help. Michelle even got to blow out a candle! It was so special. The Bachelors House hosted another game of Spoons and Rachel got so out of hand during the game, she bit John Yim.



Everyone continued to work at their respective centers. It was a solemn day because this is the last full day at each center! It has been a really incredible experience here in Irente! 


Smiles fo’ miles

Adrienne, Christy, Molly, Rachel


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